Mission Statement
To assist and mentor meritorious students of science and technology towards achieving excellence in their academic and career goals, free from financial stress and burdens, with a special focus on assisting female scholars.

The Malhotra family and WeiKFiELD group places a premium on the scientific advancement of India as a nation leading the next generation of global innovation. By coordinating the funding of tomorrow’s scientists and technological pioneers, the Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation is investing in a brighter future for all.

Vision Statement
To promote the study of science and technology in India and help develop the nation’s future Nobel Prize winners.

The enthusiasm and energy among the students who are chosen for this program is remarkable, as they all strive to achieve to greater heights in their endeavors towards achieving their ultimate dreams. Their dedication and hard word is what distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd. Over a period of time they are able to unlock their shyness, and beneath this reserved demeanor one sees confident young aspirants wanting to turn their lives around. I am truly honored to be able to assist them in whatever way to help realize their dreams.
-Jyoti, a Malhotra WeiKFiELD mentor