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Mentor Programme


The Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation has the unique distinction of pairing its scholarship grants with a comprehensive mentoring programme. Each scholar is provided with a volunteer mentor who guides them during their academic education. Mentors also coach students on the challenges they may face with studies, attendance, family, and personal issues to insure their overall holistic development.

The candidate is required to maintain contact with the mentor on a monthly basis. The Foundation also conducts 3-4 workshops every year on topics such as communication skills, personality development, interview skills, and CV writing which the scholars are expected to attend.

The speakers at our awards functions include respected scientists and educationists such as Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Dr. Ashok Kolaskar, Hon’ble Ram Jethmalani, Dr. Shevgaonkar, Dr. Govind Swarup. This provides an opportunity for students from rural backgrounds to interact with and become motivated by such figures.


Become a Mentor


Mentoring is a matter of awareness, intuition, and a genuine desire to see a protege succeed. To be a mentor you must be approachable and be able to make time and space for interaction. Good interpersonal communication skills create an environment for growth. Our mentor programme not only aids in the student’s success but creates intrinsic value through helping others.

The Malhotra WeiKFiELD Foundation is always open to new and enthusiastic mentors joining the program. Our mentors span many fields and disciplines that give the quality in variation to our program. If you would like to become a mentor, learn more about our program, or explore other opportunities to get involved with the Foundation, please make an inquiry today.

Ritu Malhotra, Trustee Malhotra Weikfield Foundation Counsellor & Life Coach at Ajna Center for Learning, Pune.
Vivek Phadke, Professional Trainer in HR, Engineering, and Computers. After twenty years in the Indian Air Force, he is into training and consulting corporates on critical projects. He is an intrepid traveler and polyglot and uses Handwriting analysis and psychometric profiling in counseling and HR processes.
Dinesh Paymode, Associate Research Scientist at Advinus Therapeutics Ltd (Tata Enterprise), Pune
Santosh Pawar (Alumni), M.Sc - physical chemistry, Shivaji university Kolhapur.
Pravin Walke (alumni), Assistant Professor, National centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, University of Mumbai, Mumbai-98. Marie-Curie experienced researcher, CNRS, Caen-France.(2011-12) Raman fellow-UGC, California University, Berkeley, USA(2015-16)
Sachin Patil (Alumni), M.Sc.(Statistics) Research and temporary teaching at UG level.
Marzia Dalal
Gauri Trikha
Neelam Malhotra, Educational & Career counsellor
Shah Sultan Chinoy
Vikram Nabar, Ph.D. (Engg) (Cambridge), Fellow ( Institution of Engineers), Worked in Industry: UK, India, Belgium, Serbia, back in India, total 29 years Currently Professor & HoD (Industrial Engineering) and Professor (Management Sciences), 15 years
Geeta Hosmane, A Marketing Professional with over 15 years of rich experience in the field of Marketing, PR and Relationship building. Currently Working with Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), as Associate Director.
Ajay Gupta, Mechanical Engineer + MBA in International Business 35 years of corporate experience with Top Indian companies (including Mahindra & Mahindra ) Expertise in Techno-Commercial matters in Business Passionate about Training and Guidance to Young Professionals (including personal development)
Jayashree Dhillon
Manisha Phadtare, Assistant Professor and Academic Co-coordinator, Department of Medical Physics, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, D. Y. Patil University, Kolhapur
Sushma Patil
Nisha Sawant, BSC, MA (Eco), MBA, Fellow of Insurance Institute of India.
Poonam Thorat (Alumni)
Abhay Kothari (Alumni), M. Sc Microbiology
Gauri Patole (Alumni), Bsc.
Vibha Kale, I look after finance, inventory, social and public relations, housekeeping and personnel
Ujjwala Parande
Priti Malhotra, Trustee, Malhotra Weikfield Foundation
Vasanti Deshpande, Masters Degree in French For the past 34 years I have been teaching the language in different institutions At present I am working in Riverdale International School near Mulshi.
Shahin Sheikh , Working as a research student in dept. of physics,Shivaji university Kolhapur.
Anagha Gokhale
Shweta Limbahiya (Alumni), M.Sc. in Microbiology
Nandita Khaire, Strategist in Marketing, Author, Guest speaker and Consultant. Also gives lectures to students in marketing, branding and communications
Medha Sondhur, Psychology graduate and Post Graduate in Marketing Management . Worked at various levels in Naval Wives Welfare Association
Netra Bhalerao
Poonam Arora
Aruna Mirchandani
Sundri Parchani
Nusrat Sharif
Anita Kotwal, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Volunteer counsellor in various organizations.
Nandita Nabar
Gitah Angara, BSc (Hons); MBA Trustee and volunteer in an NGO working with Cancer patients, for 21years.
Supriya Kusale, Msc. Microbiology.
Anuradha Mungee, IT consulting own firm M/s Sellcraft Softech Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Parchani
Manjitha Dubashi, BSc and post graduation in Management. Worked with CRY for a few years and done other honorary work at different times.
Neha Gogawale (Alumni)
Zimra Israel, PhD ( Microbiology) Expertise in Global Vaccines and Biologicals R&D and Management Held senior positions at Pfizer, NY, USA. and Vice President, R&D, MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Labs, New Delhi.
Jagruti Vimalkirti Meshram, Ph.D. Nanobiotechnology (Senior Research Fellow)
Nitin Bagal (alumni), Msc Biochemistry
Gajanan Kulkarni (alumni), M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry), Shivaji university, Kolhapur
Pankaj Hulwan (alumni), M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) Shivaji University